Lutify.Me Review – 3D LUTS in Capture One

Always on the lookout for ways to make my photo editing better and easier, I found a company call Lutify.Me. They specialize in LUTs (look up tables) for photo and video, but what piqued my curiosity was this page here. They advertise using LUTs in Capture One. They’ve basically created custom ICC profiles for Capture […]

OBS 20.1.3 Setup Tutorial with Webcam Audio Delay Fix

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the de facto standard for streaming and recording tutorials for the web. It’s free, it’s powerful, and it’s a pain! A/V sync issues abound, it’s not intuitive, and without a clear understanding of how it works, it can be very frustrating. Compound this with the fact that most of the […]

Getting cool music for your amateur video projects is tough — assuming you want to keep things…

Getting cool music for your amateur video projects is tough — assuming you want to keep things legal. Recently, I did a video for the karate school that I attend and really thought that Kennedy’s song “Karate” would be awesome for the video. So, I took a chance and emailed the artist on Facebook and asked his […]