Lutify.Me Review – 3D LUTS in Capture One

Always on the lookout for ways to make my photo editing better and easier, I found a company call Lutify.Me. They specialize in LUTs (look up tables) for photo and video, but what piqued my curiosity was this page here. They advertise using LUTs in Capture One. They’ve basically created custom ICC profiles for Capture […]

35mm Mirrorless Lens Shootout – Sony, Fuji, Zeiss, and Olympus – Which is the best 35mm lens?

In this video, I’ll be doing a shootout of 9 different mirrorless lenses with a 35mm (or equivalent focal length). The goal is to determine which one has the nicest rendering. I test for up close shots which I really like doing, bokeh quality, and sharpness/detail from a distance. Here’s the following lenses and […]

Sony RX1R II review — smaller and better than every other camera

Over the years, I have been looking for a camera that gives top notch DSLR quality, point and shoot ease of use (with face detection), a tilting screen, and an EVF. Well, look no further than the RX1R II. This camera is just flat out awesome! Now, there are room for improvements, but still — it’s just […]