1970s Leica Leitz Canada 90mm Tele-Elmarit-M f/2.8 Review

I already have a 75mm APO Summicron lens that I am quite pleased with. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to own a 90mm APO Summicron as well ($4,200 new). Since a new 90mm APO is out of my budget right now, that doesn’t mean I’m not on the hunt for one at a […]

First Real World Test of the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and Rode VideoMic Pro Plus shot on the Sony a6500.

Uncle Anthony is visiting this week, and we celebrated his 31st birthday last night. This was the first time I really I had a chance to shoot some stills (other than test shots) with the new Sigma 16mm lens. The lighting was indeed poor – only a CFL chandelier overhead, but the lens focused slower […]

Milton Santa Sleigh – Merry Christmas

Yesterday was the city of Milton’s annual Santa Sleigh through town. It’s the third year that I’ve been able to ride around in the sleigh with Santa and his posse. We stop by all of the apartment complexes, go through various neighborhoods, stop by the two major retirement homes, and even go through the grocery […]

Seattle GeekCraft Expo – Christmas Shopping

This last weekend, we went to the Seattle GeekCraft Expo to see all the nerdy / cool / alternative handmade gifts this year. Everything from comic books, to Star Trek, Ponies, Doctor Who, the bizarre, sexy, inappropriate, and even the macabre. One thing was for sure – patent and copyright violations were everywhere! It was […]

The 2017 Northwest Chocolate Festival

This past weekend was the annual NW Chocolate Festival. It’s a wonderful event and the best place to go and “try before you buy” chocolate. Honestly, I can’t see buying chocolate any other way. As a preface to this article, let me say that I’m no expert on chocolate, but I do love to eat […]

Had I Remembered, I Would Have Brought My Camera.

Normally, Vanessa takes Anya to ballet and I’m getting ready to head off to karate. However, today was Anya’s birthday, and so I was going to take her to ballet while Vanessa put the finishing touches on Anya’s party. The plan was to drop Anya off at ballet and pick her up after her class. […]

Second Annual End of Summer BBQ with Shane and Janine

The light was getting low, so I shot most of these images at f/2, a high ISO – a lot at 6400 (which is problematic for the M262), and slow shutter speeds. One thing that I’m getting used to when shooting the Leica rangefinders, ┬áis that some of the best images aren’t always sharp. Many […]

Georgetown Seattle with the Leica 28mm and 75mm Summicron Lenses

Thanks Grandma Marmie! For the first time all year, my wife and I got to go out for an overnighter without the kids. We headed up to Seattle to go to Georgetown and see a show in downtown Seattle. Every photo here was shot with the 28mm f/2 (except when marked otherwise), and edited on […]

Leica 28mm f/2 Summicron – First Images

28mm is a bit wider than I’m used to shooting, but I’m really starting to enjoy the focal length. As far as the lens is concerned, it’s definitely one of the sharpest lenses I’ve ever used. I sold quite a bit of gear to upgrade to this lens from my Elmarit and I have to […]